Tempered Glass (T / P), commonly known as Baking glass is a glass that is commonly used as a safety glass. Because when the tempered glass is shattered Will break into small scales like corn grains and have no sharp edges, therefore less dangerous which is different From the breakage of ordinary glass that is shattered Therefore spiky makes it very dangerous More than the tempered glass is also several times stronger than ordinary glass

  • qualification
  • - 3-5 times stronger than conventional glass
  • - Resistant to sudden temperature changes
  • - Is safe from broken glass When the glass is broken it will become grain. Corn-like

Manufacture of tempered glass Tempered glass is the general glass passing through The baking process at high heat about 650 degrees Celsius and then blowing with air. High pressure to cool down immediately For the glass to be 3-5 times stronger than before Resistant to temperature changes And more secure in the event that The tempered glass was broken. Will break into grains like corn grains Which is not very sharp Resulting in less chance of harm than ordinary glass Suitable for jobs that are vulnerable to cracking and require safety. Caused by broken glass (safety)

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