Laminated glass is classified as a type of safety glass. That when broken, shards of glass Will stick together without falling Because there is a film layer that is bonded between the glass sheets like Spider web by adopting Tempered Safe Glass Or 2 pieces of Annealed Glass / Floated Glass or More then put together With a film layer sandwiched between the glass so we call Glass that has been processed in this way that laminated glass (Laminated Glass) itself.

  • qualification
  • - When the glass is damaged until it breaks. Glass fragments will not fall down. Which can reduce the danger even more
  • - Helps to prevent external noise And holds sound better than ordinary glass
  • - Helps to prevent heat well And can resist UV more than 90%
  • - Resistant to high wind pressure Impact resistant And can help prevent intrusion from identity theft
  • -Can be coated with color as required

Laminated glass raw material components

Laminated glass is the introduction of Tempered Safe Glass. Or ordinary glass (Annealed Glass / Floated Glass) from 2 pieces and up to make The "laminate" is layered by sandwiching the glass between the PVB film. (Poly Vinyl Butyral) or EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) for the purpose of Use that needs more strength. And responding to the usage of Safer than other types of glass Then brought through the rolling process by Roller Which makes the PVB Film attach to the glass After that, the laminated glass will be Bake in an Auto Clave oven with temperature control And the right pressure to chase Exhausted all the air It is finished the production process.

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