Acoustic Glass Soundproof glass is a glass that has the ability to prevent noise. Effective Regardless of the type of glass to be made, it must have a total thickness of not less Over 12 mm (in the case of using double glazing There must be a gap between 70 mirrors ) And should have a Sound Transmission Class or STC of 30 Higher. If the glass is thicker than 12 mm, the higher the STC, the higher the STC. The higher the sound, the more protection it will sound as well.

  • qualification
  • - Strong Resistant to intrusion or theft, with a long service life
  • - Can be easily cleaned
  • - Helps to reduce UV rays. And effectively prevents external noise

Manufacture of tempered glass

In making soundproof glass Glass types that are commonly used as components There are 3 types as follows 1. Single Glazing is a single layer, pure glass. Whether clear glass or tempered glass, etc. 2. Laminated glass is the introduction of 2 pieces of glass Sandwiched tightly with PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) film layer, EVA (Ethylene-vi nylacetate) or an intermediate SentryGlas between the two sheets Which the film will help Adhesion of glass to not fall off when broken 3. Double Glazing is to use 2 pieces of glass (to use Can be laminated from one layer or laminated glass) together, leaving space between the glass

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